CPR, AED, & First Aid Supplies

PrivateCPR has a host of medical supplies to choose from. Most of these supplies are emergency essentials that are light, portable and durable. These items can be purchased here via PayPal. You do not need a paypal account to pay for an item, when you check out you will get an option to pay as a guest. Once you click the link you will be able to safely put in your financial information and we will ship within 24 hours when the order was placed.

Professional First Aid Kit:

This First Aid Kit is designed to be used in professional business settings. Such settings as: dental offices, day care centers, fitness centers, restaurants, schools, etc. This First Aid Kit can safely handle up to 25 employees. This is an OSHA certified stamped approved product and one that’s a true value to have.


CPR Face Mask:

The CPR facemask is when rescues need to give rescue breathing in victims. It is a one-way valve that functions as a one-way breather. Mouth to mouth breaths are the last result in giving rescue breathes. This device will also protect you against germs that a victim may have.
Numerous studies conclude that using a facemask is 75% more effect than mouth to mouth breaths. A light weight and portable device where you can put one in your home and one in your vehicle. This device can be used for adults, infants, as well as children.


CPR Face Shield:

The CPR face shield is very similar to the mask mentioned above except that this device is even smaller and much more portable! It is a one-way valve mask that you open up and put on your face like a doctor’s mask. The face shield can be used for adults and children as well as infants. It will control the quality of the airflow that is administered when the provider are giving rescue breaths. You can put this device on your key chain and will always serve as a reminder of the important role you play as a first responder.


Professional AED Machine:

N.Y.S. Law requirement , in order to order this machine you have to submit proof of a valid and active CPR/AED card. AED machines are mandated to be in dental offices, public schools, gyms, movie theaters, and hospitals among other public places where the public assembles. The AED machine’s job is to deliver a shock to the victim’s heart. Its goal is to try to reboot the heart (like the way we hard reboot a laptop computer) to get a normal sinus rhythm. At PrivateCPR we give the client two options to own an AED machine. The first option is you can purchase the AED outright for the price quoted below, or you can lease to own the AED machine for a 24 month fixed payment program. This method is extremely effective for small businesses that are cash strapped but growing. Please contact PrivateCPR at (212) 803-7470 to discuss more about the options that are available.


Professional First Aid Kit for Car:

The worst thing that can happen to you is that you’re driving in the middle of nowhere and you catch a flat tire with no spare… Well how about if you saw someone injured on the road or worst; you, your spouse or child are injured and you have no First Aid Kit! Hopefully none of you guys reading this will that ever happen to. I personally believe that this is one of the most important things to travel with while you are on the road. The Professional First Aid Kit comes equip with some of the best tools that could be used if you ever got stuck in a bad situation. This product is highly recommended.